Health Coaching 101

What Is Health Coaching?

Think of health coaching as someone who interviews you and helps organize any health goal you want to focus on. It could be nutrition, physical activity, mental health, and so on. Of course, as a food lover, nutrition is my specialty.

How Does It Work?

Health coaches are trained and equipped with the tools to help guide you through healthful behavior changes. And the best part? It’s led by you. Don’t worry, even though you’re driving, you have full guidance and support throughout.

Why It Gets Results

Health coaching asks different questions than most other professions. Questions that are powerful and get you thinking about what really matters. Instead of asking questions like, “What brings you in today?“, you’ll hear, “What matters most to you?“.

How Did You Learn Health Coaching?

I grew up in the kitchen and had a powerful nutritional journey early in life (more about my story here). After working for Apple and Headspace, I wanted to put technology and health together to help others demystify nutrition. So, I left the corporate world and earned my Health and Wellness Coaching certification from ACE.

When Do I Start Seeing Results?

The results of health coaching can truly be amazing. Since everyone has different goals, obstacles, and experiences, times can vary. The best outcomes are usually seen after a 12-week program. Together, we’ll do our best to help you achieve what matters most to you.

What’s After the 12 Weeks?

Just like it’s your goal to live a happier and healthier life, it’s my goal to provide you with the skills and guidance you need to move forward. This means helping you not need a health coach, ever again.

What’s Included in the 12 Week Program?

• Six 45-Minute Virtual Sessions over 12 Weeks

• Virtual Grocery Store Tour

• Virtual Cooking Guide

• Texting Available If You Have Questions

• 100% Money-Back Guarantee If You Don’t See Results

Ready to Get Started?

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