21 Days to Vitality

1:1 Coaching with a 4-Step Process

1. Finding the Foods That Work for You

2. Overcoming Sugar

3. Move and Have Fun

4. Changing Your Mindset

100% Money-Back Guarantee If You Don’t See Results


  • 3 Virtual Sessions over 21 Days
  • Certified Health Coach Guidance
  • Flexible Sessions to Focus on What’s Most Important to You
  • Lifelong Skills to Build and Keep Vitality
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee If You Don’t See Results

Here’s a Sneak Peek

Days 1-5: Finding Foods That Work for You

A. One Size Does Not Fit All

  1. Forgetting what you know about diets
  2. How to stick to the basics
  3. Ignoring the trends

B. How to Listen to Your Body

  1. How to check-in with yourself
  2. Signs you’re doing it right
  3. Staying on course (using start, stop, and continue behaviors)

C. How to Keep Positive Change

  1. Recording your progress, mood, and energy levels
  2. Justifying the benefits
  3. Keeping it a secret

Days 5-10: Overcoming Sugar

A. An Introduction to Overcoming Sugar

  1. The basics of sugar (and carb) addiction
  2. Getting past the first 2 weeks
  3. How to recover after sweets

B. What to Eat When You’re Not at Home

  1. The many benefits of water
  2. How to add quality protein
  3. How to get enough healthy fats

C. What to Eat When You’re with Friends and Family

  1. What to do if you know there aren’t any options
  2. Sticking to the basics of nutrition
  3. Best practices to keep your goals in mind

Days 10-15: Move and Have Fun

A. Changing Your Relationship with Exercise

  1. How do you define exercise?
  2. Identifying what you already know
  3. Changing your perspective

B. Finding Activities You Enjoy

  1. How to find activities that keep you moving
  2. The benefits of sunlight
  3. How workout buddies are a win for everyone

C. Targeting Activities Which Promote Health

  1. How to grow microbiome health
  2. Building skeletomuscular strength
  3. Reducing brain fog

Days 15-20: Changing Your Mindset

A. How to Have Never-Ending Motivation

  1. Discovering the secret
  2. Updating your personal values
  3. Understanding action, inspiration, and motivation

B. How to Talk about Your Health with Others

  1. Knowing when to share
  2. The danger of oversharing
  3. How to navigate conversations to everyone’s benefit

C. How to Help Others

  1. Identifying their readiness to change
  2. How to be an example
  3. The balance of helping vs. lecturing

Day 21: The Finish Line

We’ll cover all this and more during our weekly sessions over the 21 days.


After all the fad diets and fitness gimmicks, I finally feel I’m making progress. I’ve lost 5 lbs in two months!! Thank you Tyler for helping me find my ideal diet!

– Jacqueline M.

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