21 Days to Vitality

Overcoming Sugar
Before and After

Tyler Battle Ziton helps busy professionals lose weight, end chronic hunger, and gain mental clarity with his 4-step, 3-week program, 21 Days to Vitality.

As an ACE-certified Health Coach and Nutritionist, Tyler guides his clients through motivational interviewing, appreciative inquiry, and the transtheoretical model of behavior change (TTM) to achieve their health goals.

Originally from Orlando, FL, Tyler currently lives in Santa Monica, CA and enjoys staying active through running, yoga, and calisthenics.

Early Life:

Growing up, Tyler could always be found in the kitchen, cooking for others. His theme was making food that tastes great and is great for you.

Although raised with fairly healthy foods, when Tyler moved to California at 18, he uncovered chronic health issues that he’d been unknowingly dealing with. Food sensitivities, digestive problems, and brain fog were among them and the common culprit was poor nutrition. Over the next 9 years, Tyler noted how his body and mind reacted to specific foods, and slowly identified the foods which gave him energy, and which ones drained it.

Professional Life:


In his early 20s, Tyler was fortunate enough to work for Apple Retail. He saw firsthand how customer’s reached their health goals more often with a little support from their technology. This concept exploded as the Apple Watch was released and brought in a wave of personalized support for health.

Tyler saw the potential the marriage of technology and healthcare had and became an enthusiastic supporter for its future.


After almost 4 years at Apple, Tyler opted for a new chapter and was once again fortunate to work for another technology company. Only Headspace centered on mental health, and meditation, in particular.

While there, Tyler worked to better understand how meditation can lead to better health results. He worked with many people with chronic conditions such as depression, anxiety, stress, cancer, hypertension, and eating disorders.

Certified Health Coaching

2.5 years at Headspace passed, and Tyler discovered the world of health coaching. He saw this new role as a way to merge his health and technology experience to help others demystify nutrition and live healthier lives.

Aside from his professional experience, Tyler noticed how his nutritional journey and time in the kitchen could also translate to health coaching. He moved on from the corporate world and earned his certification in Health and Wellness Coaching.


Today, Tyler helps busy professionals lose weight, end chronic hunger, and gain mental clarity. His 21-day program is developed specifically for his clients to master nutrition, ignore diets, and move on with their lives.

And as an introvert, Tyler works best with other introverts (including pseudo extroverts).

If you’re a busy person and interested in creating a healthier tomorrow, consider working with Tyler.

You can set up a free consultation by visiting this link, or emailing him at tyler@scending.com.