Master Your Health, Ignore Diets, and Move on with Your Life

Tyler Battle Ziton helps busy, young professionals manage their health by simplifying nutrition. As an ACE-certified Health Coach and Nutritionist, Tyler has the tools and methods to guide his clients to achieve their health goals.

Originally from Orlando, FL, Tyler currently lives in Ventura, CA and enjoys staying active through running, yoga, and calisthenics.

Early Life:

Growing up, Tyler could always be found in the kitchen, cooking for others. His theme was making food that tastes great and is great for you.

Although raised with fairly healthy foods, when Tyler moved to California at 18, he uncovered chronic health issues that he’d been unknowingly dealing with. Food sensitivities, digestive problems, and brain fog were among them and the common culprit was poor nutrition. Over the next 9 years, Tyler noted how his body and mind reacted to specific foods, and slowly identified the foods which gave him energy, and which ones drained it.

Professional Life:

In his early 20s, Tyler was fortunate enough to get a job at Apple. During his time there, he observed how technology and health can work together to achieve greater health outcomes. This became especially apparent after the Apple Watch was first released. Interacting with many Apple Watch users, Tyler saw firsthand the improved success when it came to their health and how they reached their goals more consistently.

After almost 4 years at Apple, Tyler opted for a new chapter and was once again fortunate to work for another technology company. Only this one was centered on mental health, and meditation, in particular. While at Headspace, he worked with users and the product to better understand how meditation can lead to better health results. Tyler worked with many people with chronic diseases such as depression, anxiety, stress, cancer, and eating disorders, among others.

2.5 years at Headspace passed, and Tyler discovered the world of health coaching. He saw this new role as a way to merge his health and technology experience to help others demystify nutrition and live healthier lives. Aside from applying his professional experience, he noticed how his nutritional journey and time in the kitchen would translate to the health coach role as well. He moved on from the corporate world and obtained his certification.

Today, Tyler helps busy, young professionals manage their health by simplifying nutrition. He developed a 12-week program specifically for his clients to master nutrition, ignore diets, and move on with their lives. As an introvert, Tyler works best with other introverts (including pseudo extroverts).

If you are interested in working with Tyler, please click this link to schedule a free consultation, or email him at tyler@scending.com.